As an orchestral soloist, his varied repertoire has included Feldman Rothko Chapel, Shulman Theme and Variations, Vaughan Williams Suite for Viola and Orchestra and Flos Campi, Vanhal Concerto, Mozart Sinfonia Concertante, Telemann Concerto, Rolla Rondo, Stamitz Concerto in D, Bach Brandenburg Concerto #6, Strauss Don Quixote, Vivaldi Viola d’amore Concerto in D Major RV392, and John Ferguson Christus Cycle with choir. As a chamber collaborator Matt has performed with many ensembles, including the Colorado Quartet, the Dorian Wind Quintet, Houston-based CONTEXT, Athelas Ensemble (Denmark), the Fischer Duo, the Portland String Quartet, Orchestra 2001 (performing Boulez Le Marteau Sans Maitre), the Miami Quartet, members of the Brentano Quartet, and Tom Hagerman of Devotchka, among others. Chamber music festival appearances include OK Mozart, Portland (Maine), Chamber Music Quad Cities (Iowa), Ruby Mountains (Nevada), Snake River (CO), and Tanglewood. He and his wife Christina Jennings founded Brightmusic, a chamber music series in Oklahoma City that continues today. With the Boulder Piano Quartet and Jon Manasse he has recorded quintets of Lowell Liebermann. 

In 2016-17 Matt looks forward to chamber performances on CU Faculty Tuesdays, a return to the Blue Sage Concert Series in Paonia, the Boulder Piano Quartet's series at The Academy, plus recitals with pianist David Korevaar.

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Matthew Dane

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During a major repairon my viola in 2010, my luthier and I were surprised to find the signature and figure above inscribed on the inside of the top. Called a jettatura, the eye was thought to be protection from evil spirits in late 19th and early 20th century Naples- which is when and where the maker, Alfredo Contino, lived. 

My viola inside out